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51 Her last name may have been Reel. Rachel R
52 1870 Census 
53 Rebecca Dellinger 
54 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
55 KarriKendall-SummerKendall-boyf 
56 Summer 
57 Summer-Julie 
58 Wm and Vinnie Barb 
Vinnie V
59 Their granddaughter Sarah married John Edison, Thomas Edison's
great-grandfather, in 1792. Edison's father was Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr.  
Mary Ackerman
60 Hannah Adams, widow of William Adams of Hyde County, was the mother
of Peter Reel who died in 1739. Administration of the estate went first
to Arthur, and later to Robert Peyton, whose home was on the south side
of the Pamlico River where the ferry crossed at Bath. Dr Holloman thinks
that one of these married Simon Bright. Ralph Mann thinks that Peter
Reel's mother, Hannah, was born a Bright or that she had a daughter,
Peter Reel's sister, who married a Bright, indicating there should be
another generation before Peter Reel who died in 1739, very possibly
named Peter Reel. -Mildred Reel Buck, The Heritage of Craven County NC,
Vol 1. 
Hannah Adams
61 Amy, Sonny, Rufus, David, Sandy 
Sandra Kay Adams
62 Sandy Walsh 
Sandra Kay Adams
63 Sandy, Chris, Amy 2001 
Sandra Kay Adams
64 Sonn and Sandy 1990s 
Sandra Kay Adams
65 Sonny Sandy Chris Amy xmas 1986 
Sandra Kay Adams
66 A hundred years later, some of their descendants in Tarrytown, NY
were Tories during the American Revolution and subsequently moved to
British Canada. Their surname was modified to ORSER, and the branch would
later include an Olympic skater named Brian Orser.  
Willem Aertszen
67 1850 Hannah R Matthews Hamilton 
James Alexander
68 SAVAGE-robt-sarahalexander-george-ellencasler 
Sarah Alexander
69 1860 stickle census 
Jane Alger
70 By all accounts, "one of the busiest and most complicated men in early New England [TMG 1:38] With extensive holdings and numerous residences, "records for Allerton may be found in virtually every colony on the Atlantic seaboard and in the Caribbean, including Newfoundland, New Netherland, New Sweden, Virginia, Barbadoes and Curacao."[TMG 1:38]

Born about 1586, died New Haven CT, after 1 Feb 1658/9 and before 12 Feb 1658/9 (Inventory). He married at Leiden, 4 Nov 1611 Mary Norris, "single woman" from Newbury in England." He married at Plymouth betwen 1623 and 1627 Fear Brewster, dau. of William Brewster. He married third Joanna Swinnerton.

Children of Isaac and Mary:

Bartholomew, b. abt 1613, came on the Mayflower and returned to England were he married first, Martha ____, and second Sarah, dau.of Benjamin Fairfax. Four children "BARTHOLOMEW2 ALLERTON. Son of ISAAC and MARY. Born at Leiden. He returned to England, married and had children there, and was living in 1650." [MD 2:114]

Remember, b abt 1615, married, before 6 May, 1635, Moses Maverick, who died at Marblehead, February, 1686.

Mary, b. about 1617, m. by about 1636 Thomas Cushman, son of Robert Cushman. A note in Bradford's journal says she was still alive in 1690 and died Plymouth 28 Nov 1699. Bradford also says: "And his doughter mary is maried here, & hath 4. children."

Child, buried St. Peter's, Leiden 5 Feb 1620 (New Style).

Stillborn son born aboard the Mayflower in Cape Cod Harbor.

Children of William and Fear

Sarah, b. Plymouth abt 1626, no further record

Isaac, b. Plymouth, say abt. 1630. When his father removed to New Amsterdam in 1638 he remained at Plymouth with his grandfather Elder Brewster, by whom he was being educated, and graduated from Harvard College in 1650. His will was dated October 25, 1702 and recorded in Westmoreland County, Virginia, Book 3, page 115. Proved Dec. 30, 1702.[MD 7:174-5] He married first, Elizabeth ____., married second in Virgina about 1663 twice-widowed Elizabeth (Willloughby) (Overzee) Colclough, dau. of Capt. Thomas Willoughby.

Transcribed from the original records,
Vol 2:155+

Isaac Allerton died at New Haven, Conn., between 1 February 1658 - 9, when he appeared in court as defendant in a suit brought to compel the payment of an old debt, and the twelfth of the same month, the date on which his inventory was taken.

The will and inventory were recorded in the New Haven Probate Records, Volume 1, Part 1, pages 82 and 83.

[p. 82] At a Court of Magistrates Octob. 19. 59
A writeing presented as the last will & Testament of Isaac Alerton, late of Newhaven deceased, wth an account of certaine debts, dew to him; & from him;

An account of Debts at the Duch
first, 700. & odd gilders from Tho: Hall by Arbitration of Captaine Willet, & Augustine Harman; about Captaine Scarlet wch I paid out,

And there is 900. gilders owing by John Peterson the Bore, as by Georg Woolseyes booke will appeare; & severall obligations thereto,

ffrom Richard Cloufe owes, as Georg Woolseyes Booke will make appeare; I thinke 900. gilders, but his Estate being broken. I Desire that what may be gotten may be layd hold on for mee,

Due from william Goulder 270, od gilders, by his Bill appeares;

Due from John Snedecare a shoomaker 150, od gilders as by his acco appeares.

from the widdow of the Hanc Hancson due as by severall Bills & accounts;

Peter Cornelioussen 120. od guilders as by ye account will appeare.

Due from Henry Brasser for rent for 18 moneths, from the first October 1656. to the last of May 58: for three roomes at 3 gilders a week. I am in his Debt for worke of the old acco wch must be Deducted;

there is 20li in George Woolseyes hand, that came fro. mr Tho Mayhue for mee

There is 400. od. gilders that I owe to Nicholas, the ffrenchman, & a Cooper I owe something to, wch I would have that 20li in Georg Woolseyes hand, & the rest of that in Henry Brassers hand to them two;

And now I leave my son Isaac Allerton and my wife, as Trustees to receive in my debts, & to pay what I owe, as farr as it will goe & what is overpluss I leave to my wife and my sonne Isaac, as far as they receive the Debts to pay what I owe;

In Captaine Willetts hand. a pcell of booke lace 1300 & odd. guilders Wch I left in trust with Captaine Willett to take care of: Seale

My brother Bruster owes mee foure score pounds & odd. as the obligations will appeare.

Besides all my Debts in Delloware Bay & in Virgenia wch in my booke will appeare, & in Barbadoes. what can be gott;

Witness. Isaac Allerton Senior
John Harriman
Edward Preston:

[p. 83] An Inventory of the Estate of Isaac Allerton late of Newhaven deceased taken ffeb 12 . 1658
Impr the Dwelling house Orchard & Barne wth li sh d
two acres of meadow 75: 00: 00
a pcell of Tubbs & other cask, & 2 boosh apples 01 . 12 . 06
8. Jarrs, a case of bottles, & 2 cases wthout bottles 01 . 03 . 00
1 pre of small stilleyards 1 old sieve, 6 stooles & 3
old chaires 01 . 02 . 00
1 chest of Drawers. 1 bedstead. wth cord, & one
small chest, & 1 old booke 01 . 17 . 00
1 pre of Ondirons, & 4 potthangers, & other iron 00. 08 . 02
1 rug". 2 blankitts. 1 old featherbed & bolster &
pillow 04 . 13 00
1 Drawtable, 2 chaires, & a forme & a carpet 02 . 06. 00
a pre of blankitts of cotton & sheeps wool 01 . 16. 00
1 Sea chest, small box, & 2 warming pans 00 . 07. 06
4 old skellitts. & 2 small old kettles 00 . 15 . 00
3 Iron potts, 2 frying panns, & a pcell of Tinware 01 . 17. 04
5 brase candlesticks, 8t a brass chaffingdish 00 . 09. 06
1 bolster, 1 blankett, & a remet tradingcloath. 01 . 12. 00
a pcell of wearing cloaths 06 . 17. 06
curtaines & vallens for a bed & a sm: turky carpet 02 . 06 . 00
2 old blankitts, a pcell of carpeting & a small old
Table 01 . 08 . 00
a pcell of pewter 02 . 17 . 00
8 ounces of plate at 52 pr. 02 : 00 : 00
a pcell of old linnen 1li thread 02 : 07 : 04
2 sowes & 4 piggs 02 : 12 : 00
a bedstead, old curtaines, & a morter & pestell a
chest case, & 2 old tubbs, & a pre spectacles,
old hatt, & capp 01 : 05 : 06
5 cushions, some old bands, wth some other old
linnen 00 : 11 : 06
brimston, & sheeps wooll 00 . 14 : 06
118 : 05 : 02

Will: Andrews }
Will: Russell }
Debts Due to the Estate in Newhaven.
Mr. Goodenhouse pr Order of mr Malbon 50s fro
wch he deducts 20s that he saith mr Allerton
owed him, and 8s paid mr Mills, Rests 01 . 12 . 00
mr Tuttle by the Rest of 40s ordred by mr Malbon 00 : 12 : 00
Goodm : Hull is Dr 00 : 16 : 00
mr Gilberts man Isaac Hall 01 . 00 : 00
Humphry Spinigh
mr wm Trowbridg for his prdesessor Daniell Sillivan

Isaac Allerton
71 They Came on the Mayflower 
Isaac Allerton
72 mapes 43 
Almeron Fields Amerman
73 mapes 43 
Augustus Henry Amerman
74 dellinger-magd 
Magdalene Anderick
75 dellinger-magd dar marker 
Magdalene Anderick
76 Covenant made in 1520 when he was 6 years old for marriage to Isabel or
any other daughter of James Anderton of Euxton. Provided that Richadr
was to set up trusts to receive all his lands in Coppull, Worthington,
Brindle, Turton and Preston (1170A).  
Isabel Anderton
77 Abigail Andrews 
Abigail Andrew
78 Abigail Andrews 
Abigail Andrew
79 AWT family at Suzanne & John's wedding 
Ruth Appleton
80 Ruth Appleton 
Ruth Appleton
81 Ruth Appleton & Hugh Tannehill 
Ruth Appleton
82 A blind man from the Institute for the Blind in Baton Rouge AuCoin
83 Philip II (of France) (1165-1223), was king of France (1180-1223), one
of the most powerful European monarchs of the Middle Ages. His full name
was Philip Augustus.
The son of King Louis VII, Philip was born on August 21, 1165, in
Gonesse, near Paris. He became coregent with his father in 1179. From
1181 to 1186 Philip combated a coalition of barons in Flanders,
Bourgogne, and Champagne and at their expense increased the royal domain.
Philip allied himself with Richard, duke of Aquitaine, who in 1189 became
Richard I of England, and in 1190 the two kings embarked on the Third
Crusade. The kings quarreled, however, and Philip returned to France in
1191. Allied with Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI and Richard's brother,
John, later king of England, Philip attacked Richard's territories in
France. Richard returned in 1194 and went to war against Philip. By the
time of Richard's death in 1199, Philip had been forced to surrender most
of the territory he had annexed. Philip subsequently warred against John,
who became king of England in 1199; between 1202 and 1205 Philip more
than doubled his territory by annexing Normandy, Maine, Bretagne, Anjou,
Touraine, and Poitou.
A coalition of European powers, including England, challenged the
growing power of France in 1214. Philip's forces, however, decisively
defeated the coalition at the Battle of Bouvines, establishing France as
a leading country of Europe.
Philip increased the royal power not only by extending the royal
domain but also by reducing the power of the feudal lords. He replaced
the noble officers at court with an advisory council appointed from the
middle class and supported the communes against the nobles. France
prospered from his judicial, financial, and administrative reorganization
of the government; serfdom declined, towns grew, and commerce flourished.
Philip established Paris as the fixed capital of France, paved the
streets, and had many new buildings constructed in the city. from-
"Philip II (of France)," Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1997 
Phillip II Augustus, King of France
84 Rev. Joseph Mercer Avann 
Joseph Mercer Avann
85 Dennison Cem

Avann , William
Death Date:
Interment Date: 05/28/1884 ; Interment Number: 393
Color: ; Sex: ; Age: --
Address: ; Cause of Death: ;
Remarks: disinterred to Brooklyn Hgts Cem.
Section: ; Lot Number: 130 ; Tier: ; Grave: --

William Avann
86 Notes on William Avann 
William Avann
87 Priest of Dt. Maria in Utrecht, Bishop of Metz. Blouchard Avennes
88 Bishop of Kamerijk 1280-1296. Willem Avennes
89 van Rensselaer Moore 1826-1909, Dorcas Ayres 1837-1908 
Dorcas Ayres
90 Lauren Bacall 
Lauren Bacall
91 Lauren Bacall 
Lauren Bacall
92 mapes 42 WORDIN 
Fanetta J Bailey
93 1840 lewis nesselrodt 
Adam Baker
94 The Mathias Spitler Home 
Adam G Baker
95 1860 baker census 
Aquilla Baker
96 1870 baker census 
Aquilla Baker
97 1880 baker census 
Aquilla Baker
98 Aquilla Baker 
Aquilla Baker
99 Migrated to McNairy Co TN around 1830. He witnessed a land deed dated
11-4-1831 where Murdock Murchison bought 150 acres in McNairy Co TN from
William Spencer. -Genji Bailey 
Archibald Baker
100 1850 baker census 
Catherine Baker

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